Writing Prompt Books

If you want to try your hand at creative writing in a nice, safe place, you're in luck!

These books are not about reading; they are about doing.
All are overflowing with writing prompts so you can jump right in and immediately start writing.

The Write-Brain Workbook Revised & Expanded, 400 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing
Take Ten for Writers, 1,000 Inspiring Exercises to Generate Ideas and Stimulte Your Writing in Only 10 Minutes
303 Writing Prompts: Ideas to Get You Started

The writing exercises in these books will help you:

Discover (or rediscover) the joy of writing

Overcome your fear of the blank page

Warm up before tackling your real writing

Keep writer's block at bay

Learn more about your writing practice and who you are as a writer

Click on the book images above to try exercises from each of these books.

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