Tips on How to Have the Most Pun Halloween Ever

Tips on making Punny Costumes:

Even if you think you don't like Halloween, or if you despise dressing up in costume, Punny Costumes enables you to participate in all the festivities (a costume ball, Halloween get-together, office or networking costume party, or trick-or-treating) of the holiday and look like you are super-creative. Yet, you will have hardly made any effort at all. You will even get a few groans from your friends once they see your costume. Now, who can resist that temptation?

The beauty of Punny Costumes is that most of them can be made at the last-minute and require very little resources (financial and/or tools). You will most likely need a computer and a printer to print out an image or two; scissors to cut out said images; and something to attach stuff, like Velcro (the sticky-back kind), double-sided tape or safety pins.

If you are creative, please use your ingenuity to adapt the costumes to your talent level. My particular level doesn't include sewing, so you will notice that all my PUnny Costumes are no-sew. However, if you are handy with needle and thread, go ahead and turn my ideas into amazing masterpieces.

Some of the 252 costumes you will find in the Punny Costumes eBook are:
Eclipse Dressed to the Nines Pirates (for a group) Armchair Quarterback (for a wheelchair user) Candy Cane (for a cane user) Boob Tube Brownie Butterfingers Chicken A La King City Slicker

How to Host a Punny Costume Fashion Show Party:

To set up the event, the first thing you should do is Include directions for a different Punny Costume in each invitation. Ask the invitees to stay mum about their costume assisgnments and not share with anyone else attending the party. When guests arrive, give them a pen and sheet of paper with everyone's name listed on it. Have them mingle and look at everyone's costume and secretly jot down their guess of what the title of the costume is. Make sure no one gives away their costume title because the mingling is done, there is going to be a Punny Costume Fashion Show. The order of the 'models' in the fashion show is the order of the names of the guests on the costume guessing sheet. As each person makes their way onto the 'runway' (by standing in a designated spot in the center of the room, on a set of steps, or a stage), you will act as emcee pointing out the key components to the costume and then ask the crowd if anyone wants to guess what the costume is or let them just shout out their guesses. Then the model gets to reveal his costume. Everyone who guessed correctly on their guessing list gets one point. Guests keep their own score and whoever gets the most points wins a prize.

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