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Certified Life Cycle Celebrant (R)

I am sorry you are in a position where you need to search for an officiant for a funeral, memorial service, or life celebration. Loss and grief make it hard to focus and concentrate, so I will be as brief as possible.


In one sentence, here's what I offer: I use my ceremony and ritual expertise as a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant (R) to work with you to make sure your loved one is honored, respected, and celebrated in a manner that truly reflects their unique personality and beliefs.  


  • If they were funny, I will make sure there is laughter.

  • If they were into gardening, I will create a ritual around planting seeds of legacy. 

  • If they were a film buff, I will use scenes from their favorite movies to describe them. 

  • If they were into photography, I will incorporate their visuals. 

  • If they were in a band, I will gladly have the band play.

To craft the ceremony, I interview family and friends and write a "soul sketch" which you then get to edit and approve beforehand. My goal is that during the ceremony, you will feel your loved one's presence and everyone will leave knowing something new about them. You even get a keepsake copy of the service afterwards. 

I offer traditional and non-traditional funerals, memorial services, celebrations of life, home funerals, anniversary memorials, graveside committals, and scattering of cremated remains. 

If you really only need a eulogy to present at a service, I would be pleased to interview you and scribe it in your voice in a timely fashion for you. 

As a lover of all animals, I also offer creative pet funerals.

To begin the conversation, please call me at 610-446-7441. Or, if you have the luxury of time, please send me an email at

I look forward to serving you and honoring your loved ones. 

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