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Testimonials from Funeral/Memorial/Eulogy Clients

Memorial Service Testimonial:
Thank you for officiating at the memorial for S----. The unique location of the Athletic Training Facility at the University where he worked made it so much easier to feel his presence. I particularly liked how we gathered in a circle where we could see one another as we each shared stories. He was my friend for over forty years, yet I learned things I had never known before about him. It was amazing how many spouses spoke about how they were sad they had never met S----, but were going to carry on the life lessons they heard at the service. What a testament to a great man, trainer, and friend! And then there were the students.... I loved when they identified themselves by their injuries as well as their names. The Gatorade libation at the end was really fitting and made me smile even though I was sad. It was the first time I ever took a photo at a funeral. Thank you for making it a lively and loving celebration rather than a stuffy memorial.  -E.O. 

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Pet Funeral Testimonial:
It was a long day, the day that O---- died. Burying him that same day was important to us. I thank you for quickly creating a ceremony that let us say good-bye. I was really touched by the part when we each got to tell stories. We all lived with O----, but boy did we have different relationships with him. It was funny to hear all the foods everyone would sneak to him and which ones we all thought were his favorites. O----'s garden in our backyard has looked lovely all summer long. Thank you for helping us through a rough day and telling us it's okay to laugh at a funeral. O---- made us laugh when he was alive, so it made sense and made me appreciate just how happy he made all of us. -H.K. 

Eulogy Writing Service Testimonial:
My uncle was really an important figure in my life. Thank you for asking just the right questions so I could describe him so well. You didn't change any of my stories, but you made them sound more eloquent. And the way you wove it all together by coming up with a theme about family relations really brought him to life. Everyone complimented me afterwards on how well I described him. I know he would have been proud. I couldn't have done it without you.   Kindly,  J.F. 

If you would like to discuss how I can assist you, please send me an email or call 610-446-7441. 

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