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Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner (R)

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After my husband died, even though I am a writer, it seemed that words were inadequate to describe how I felt. Fortunately, my emotional overflow found a new outlet – visual arts – where I communicated through color, shape, and texture. 


I became a Creative Grief Practitioner to help others navigate their loss through creative expression and ultimately reach a place where their lives, once again, have meaning. I’m sorry it took my husband’s death to set me on this path, but what a joy it is to watch others transform.

I do this mostly through workshops and groups, but would be happy to meet with you one-on-one. 

Here's some of what I believe about grief.

Hopefully this list will help you determine if you
would like to work with me or attend one of my workshops:  

  • The stages of grief are misleading and certainly not linear.

  • We each grieve in our own time-frame.

  • Hope and joy are still possibilities. 

  • Isolating to an excess from grief is not healthy. 

  • Grief can come from many things such as job loss, retirement, relocation, illness, financial changes, divorce, death of loved ones (including pets), legal issues, etc. 

  • We learn how to grieve through family, friends, and the media and these ways are not always beneficial. 

  • Self-care is important. 

  • Tapping into sources of resilience from past losses is very helpful. 

  • Each loss is different and unique... and multiple losses often have a domino effect. 

  • In addition the the main loss, there are many invisible losses that come from it that also need to be addressed. 

  • The word SHOULD needs to be banned from conversations with people who are grieving. 

  • Grief that is high-profile or stigmatized in our culture does not have to lead to shame. 

  • There is no hierarchy of grief, as we each experience our own grief at 100%.

  • Others who have not experienced deep grief tend to say things that are infuriating. 

  • Resilience can be learned and practiced.

  • Being in community is helpful.

  • Accepting help is not always easy.  

  • Grief stems from a change in a way of being such that we cannot go back to the way it was; yet we still have choices. 

  • We are not our grief. 

  • Grief is transformative.

Grief, Loss, And Resiliency Workshops

RIPPLES OF LOSS: An experiential workshop to explore grief and resilience. 

In this workshop we safely navigate the ripples that often follow an initial loss - like lack of confidence, uncertain purpose, and fear of intimacy. 

We also explore,  through metaphor and positive feeling words, how we can continue to keep adding to our lives instead of trying to eliminate loss or grief.  

This workshop last 1.5 hours and begins and ends with a moving candle ritual to honor whomever or whatever brought each attendee to the workshop. 

If you would like me to run this workshop at your library, community center, house of worship, or home, please get in touch via the contact page or send me an email

STEPPING OUT OF GRIEF: A workshop for widows, by widows Co-run with Ellen Monsees, MS

This workshop is for you if you are feeling


Join us for a full day of

Topics covered include:

Facing challenging days
Strategies for self-care

Letting go without forgetting

Creating meaning in your new life

Handling anxiety and other uncomfortable emotions

Register here for the March 21 workshop in Wallingford, PA. 

If you would like us to run this workshop at your venue, please get in touch via the contact page or drop me an email

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