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The Magical, Hand-Held Wheel that
Generates Millions of Writing Exercises

story spinner for bn 2.jpg
Perfect for:

Instant creative writing lessons

Writers -
Never be blocked again
Students -
Finally, help with writing assignments
Home Schoolers - Independent, 
fun and usable anywhere

This is what the front of the Story Spinner looks like. 
There are 3 wheels:
Black for settings     
Purple for Starters     
Red for Words
Turn each one to generate your setting, starter and words.
Set a timer for 10 Minutes...  Or set a goal to fill the page... AND WRITE!
The results are  truly amazing EVERY TIME!
story spinner for bn 1.jpg
This is what the back of the Spinner looks like. It has 18 different types of exercises you can spin from the front of the spinner.  For example: 

Rack Your Brains:

1 Starter

1 Setting

20 Words


Whine and Cheese:

1 Starter

5 Words

Complain to your heart's content about something, 


3 Words

Use the first sentence from a random book.

Here are 10 exercises generated by the Story Spinner to try right now.

If you enjoy doing them, please consider buying a few:
One for yourself, One for a favorite student, and One for a lucky teacher.

They are only $9 each or $21 for three (plus shipping). 

1. Setting: on a new planet

Words: Waffle, 3-D Glasses, Robot, Mud

Starter: The party was...


2. Setting: in a police station

Words: Muscle, Funny Bone, Mosquito, Neon

Starter: If I had wings...


3. Setting: by a roaring fire

Words: Fake, Tarantula, Shrink, Cheek

Starter: I had a crush on...


4. Setting: at school

Words: Walrus, Echo, Bare, Fly Swatter

Starter: I remember that song...


5. Setting: in a bedroom

Words: Palm Tree, Dress-Up, Password, Fender

Starter: When I hit the lottery...

Click To 


of  13 FREE

Spinner Lesson Plans.jpg

6. Setting: at a hide-away

Words: Toenails, Cheat, Park, Boss

Starter: When their eyes met...


7. Setting: in a lab

Words: Flannel, Nun, Perfume, Horoscope

Starter: Morphing into a...


8. Setting: in a blizzard 

Words: Fireworks, Referee, Splinter, Ear Muffs

Starter: The smell of candles...


9. Setting: in the woods

Words: Bubble Bath, Alien, Monopoly, Oatmeal

Starter: Winning isn't... 


10. Setting: at a mansion

Words: Contagious, Taxi Cab, Curl, Toilet

Starter: The sticky feel of...

Buy Your Very Own Story Spinners

$9 each + shipping or
3 for $21 + shipping

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