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In The Write-Brain Workbook, Revised & Expanded you will find 400 Exercises To Liberate Your Writing.  You will not spend any time reading about writing; instead, you'll jump right in and immediately put pen to page. Each exercise page is colorful eye candy and also fun and specifically designed so you never have to face a blank page. The prompts resemble word games to make sure you enjoy yourself while you play with your words.


On each page, in addition to the main exercise you will find a box titled TAKE THE NEXT STEP. These will help you explore your writing process and writing practice and help you move your writing to new levels. 


The book benefits writers of all levels and ages: Novices who have always wanted to write; Experienced technical writers looking to try their hand at creative writing; And, especially, writers experiencing writer's block.

Sample Exercises from Write-Brain Workbook

The premise behind Take Ten for Writers is that if you keep up your writing momentum, you won't get stuck. Basically, stuck is just a polite word for writer's block. 


The title of the book comes from the fact that not only does it take only ten minutes to do each exercise, but each exercise comes with ten different options/variables so you can do them ten different times and come up with ten different results. 


In the front of the book is a set of rules to help you have fun and success with creative writing exercises. There's also a short introduction about why momentum is a writer's best friend. Both are included on this website and accessed by clicking on this link

Sample Exercises from Take Ten For Writers


What excites me about 303 Writing Prompts: I confess: I am a discount rack shopper. I love a bargain and I especially love when I score great deals on books. The overflowing shelves in my office are living proof of this. When I was approached by Fall River Press / Sterling Publishing to write a book exclusively for Barnes & Noble that would go directly to the discount section, I jumped at the the opportunity. I was so excited to have the chance to write the book that I always hunted for at the store. 


All the exercises in 303 Writing Prompts are brand new and, modesty aside, are some of my best. There aren't colors exploding off the page and you can't write in the book, but it's the perfect size to carry anywhere. It's even available as a Nook Book. If you don't have a Nook, get the free Nook App on your tablet and then download the book for even less than the paper version. A true bargain!

Sample Exercises from 303 Writing Prompts
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