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Writing Testimonials: Workshops, Books, Products

One of the most gratifying facets of sharing creativity with others is when I receive completely unsolicited emails from people all over the world. I hope my workshops, books, and products will help spur your creativity. If they do, please drop me a line and let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite emails and reviews:

Dear Bonnie: 

As an author, I have to say this book has been extremely helpful to me. I'm trying to get back into the habit of writing every day, and when I get stuck on something I just flip to a random page in this book and write whatever it tells me to. There are so many completely different ideas in this book, and then each page also has a "take the next step" if you want to write even more on that topic or take a different spin to it. I love this book.

Take Ten is one of my favorite books for writing inspiration and prompts. I've bought this book twice - first for a writing group I was in a few years back, and the second time, for me. I missed the book and wanted my own copy. I hope this book will be reprinted and be easier to get again. The second time I had to buy from a third party vendor.

This book was exactly what I needed to get back into writing and to keep on writing! I needed this to get inspired and motivated to write again every day. The exercises are completely fun and got me thinking out of and over the box! They give me such new and great ideas. I actually look forward to writing now and that hasn't happened in YEARS. Usually, I'd dread having to sit down because I'd either face a blank page or a blank screen. But this book has made me not take myself too seriously and has helped get the words, and phrases, thoughts and feelings, and ideas flowing again. I can't thank the author enough for coming up with such a helpful tool for aspiring writers and just people who enjoy or used to enjoy writing. I can see myself re-using this book as there are tips and other alternative ways to do the same activity. You won't regret purchasing this book!  Also, buy it from Amazon! I compared the prices from other bookstores out there and Amazon sells it far cheaper. Can't beat Amazon's pricing! Very satisfied and happy customer. <3<3<3

Such a great writing activity book. It really makes you remember what is fun about writing

I bought the original Write-Brain Workbook and had fun using it. These prompts are fantastc.

THIS IS AMAZING! It's not another book where you read and read about how to write. No.. It jumps directly into exercises and that's what the entire book is. It's great. So helpful. So many great ideas for writers block and even for looking at your writing in different angles. I have been working on a minimum of 2 exercises per day and they're so much fun.

Great writing prompts - both fun and quirky.


I enjoy The Write-Brain Workbook by Bonnie Neubauer. If you like puzzles, that’s the one to get.


It's a 366-page idea factory-slash-writer’s block destroyer. The author, Bonnie Neubauer, has brought together 366 ways to not stare at a blank page. The idea of this book is to write directly in the book, however I have been using a notebook, simply because if I want to do this again in the future, I don’t want to have to buy another book (although I’m sure Ms. Neubauer wouldn’t mind it if I did). And to be honest it’s a wonderful way to get over writer’s block. Because every page is filled with something normally you wouldn’t write. Well, I take that back. It’s full of things that I wouldn’t normally write. That’s why it’s both a blessing and a challenge. And whenever I’m having a hard time with my own writing, I’m going to open this book and get the party started. Because even though it has nothing to do with my story, it will keep me writing, and that is the purpose of this whole thing, isn’t it?


Boy, did I hit the jackpot! From the first page and on, this book is jammed packed full of fun ways to get a writer's creative juices flowing. I find the best part of the book is that just the simple act of opening the book is like breathing a fresh breathe of air. The pages are colorful, fun and interesting to look at. If that wasn't enough, the exercises themselves have a funness that is contagious!


I am loving this book! A constant flip through companion.


Really fun, and very similar to This Book Will Change Your Life.


This is like a coloring book for adult writers. It seems too fun to be allowed.


I took your creative writing class at a Conference a few years back, and heard you speak at my Library. I have to thank you again for your book. My friend and I both have copies, and we've been doing a once-a-week writing exercise (at random) in addition to our usual writing. I've ended up with a handful of poems that are actually quite good, for which I felt the need to thank you. 


This book has 366 daily exercises for writing. Prompts (short) and such. It's suberbly awesome! :) Favorite writing book yet!


I've used your Write Brain Workbook personally and also in my class periodically. I teach in the Creative Writing Department of a public, magnet middle school for the performing arts and one is writing! I appreciate so much the lesson plans you have on your site.


I haven't been as inspired as this book makes me in a longtime. Front cover wigged me out so i covered it with stickers and washi tape. Other than that minor setback, I would give this book to anyone up for a creative challenge.

SO INCREDIBLE when it comes to teaching writing, or getting wanna-be writers to just bang out an exercise already. For young and old alike.


I love this book! It has creative writing exercises for a whole year! I especially like how all the pages are individually designed. This book bursts with creativity!


This is not only a great workbook to get the imagination juices flowing, I discovered on a road trip gathering photos for my next novel, it's a great car book to share with fun 'games' to keep your mind occupied on long trips.


A great book filled with exercises to help get your creative writing mojo going. Some of the stories I ended up writing in the exercises worked out into a book format and some of them were just hilarious. Definitely worth the money.


Wonderful exercises to give you a jolt when facing a brain freeze or low creativity. the only problem is, it's hard for me to want to write IN the book, because i want to use the tools over & over again. just starting to try and really utilize this one that's been on my shelves for a year.


This book is basically a workbook of writing exercises to help get you thinking creatively. It's amazing: a friend of mine showed it to me because of a class project we were doing and I ended up asking for it for Christmas. I haven't actually done any of the exercises yet, just opening it and looking through makes me want/need to write.


LOVE love LOVE! this book! I wish I had the funds to buy each kid a copy. It would be a great writing workbook of sorts. The pages are so colorful (and anyone that knows me knows that that makes me UBER happy!) The exercises are great and really get the kids writing stuff they wouldnt normally have thought of. Great writer's block breaker!


I had some very cool experiences with this workbook. I would half-heartedly start one of the exercises and then become completely engrossed in it. More than once, one of the exercises turned into a first draft of a scene I used in a larger work. Not everyone will respond to the sort of challenges in Write-Brain, and I thought I was one who would not. I was wrong. Give Write-Brain a look and after you put it down, give it a second look. You might be surprised what you accomplish using these prompts.


If you're looking to stimulate your creativity~ this book is the bomb. It is one of my favorites for getting my mind out of a rut and moving in new directions. I love the illustrations and photos and set up. Everything about this book helps release my boundaries and work new avenues I hadn't before.


I have found this book to be useful in creating short stories to writing a personal narrative with the 1000 fresh, inventive, and creative prompts available.


Bonnie, You did a fantastic workshop during our educator week and made a real impression. 


Love your book. Purchased today. I use visualization to teach my students and your work gets my mental projector running.


I just want to thank you for the inspiration you've given me with The Write Brain Workbook and Take Ten For Writers. The books are beautiful and definitely the graphic design caught my eye immediately when I saw them on the shelf at Barnes and Noble. I've had a lot of fun doing the exercises, but the most fun I've had recently is from page 91 of Take Ten.


Loving The Write Brain book. I haven't written in six years so thank you!


The Story Spinner will soon become a part of my classroom...what a clever idea.


This book is fun, and it makes you think very fast. It is the perfect way to warm up for writing.


I am a frustrated writer, or more accurately, a frustrated workaholic who'd love to write more. This book hit all the right notes in my mind. It abandons the classic approach of journaling to take you on new, fun and creative adventures in short focused writing. The exercises presented are well structured to get you writing right away. I was doing my first Take Ten exercise during a short business flight the day after I bought the book and felt an immediate rush of creative endorphins. My wife and I have done exercises and shared the results as well. I have many writing books in my collection, some scholarly, some well defined examinations of the craft, some very practical guidelines. The thing that sets this book apart is that it's fun, makes writing fun, and gets me doing what all the world's dailies keeps me from getting to. Putting pen to paper, creating and learning as I do it. The exercises are short enough to fit into any busy schedule, but they have also spawned seeds of works I'd like to take further. I wish I could thank the author personally, because she's opened up a door that I thought was locked tight.


It works. It's an awesome feeling. It will get you writing more today than yesterday.


Don't worry if you aren't a writer, or even an aspiring writer. Exercises like the ones found in this book are terrific for helping you stay sharp and creative (and they're FUN!!). In addition to having some real substance to it, the book is a joy to read. The pages are very engaging and visually interesting. Not only that, you can visit the same page again and again and never do the same exercise twice, thanks to the author's innovative way of mixing things up and allowing you to "choose" your subject matter. Meant not so much as a tangible project to muddle your way through, this book offers numerous opportunities to dip into your creative self, even if and when you suffer from writer's block, and the ten minute time limit practically eliminates any anxiety about "getting it done." Either you've summed things up, or you just got your creative juices happily rolling for bigger and better things. I suspect you could also use his exercises as a party game, in the right (write?) company! The exercises are brief, interesting enough that you'll WANT to see what you can craft from the proffered premises, and they're fairly lighthearted for the most part. The book is a winner! I've already recommended it to a good friend; she bought it and enjoys it just as much as (perhaps more than!) I do.


In addition to the motivating exercises Bonnie's suggested rules for writing are practical, helpful and relevant. "Take Ten for Writers" is an important resource for beginning writers as well as a seasoned writer faced with a sudden relapse into "Writer's Block."


I am a homeschool mom who had been looking for some fun and creative writing ideas to intersperse with my sons' more formal writing assignments. Take Ten was a breath of fresh air for all three of us! My sons suddenly ENJOYED writing, and looked forward to the days when Take Ten was on their assignment sheet. Highly recommend this book for any burned out writer, homeschool mom, or homeschool student. Oh, and my sons are 13 and 15 but had very little previous creative writing experience - at least not from a positive standpoint. SO glad we found this book! And since there are so many options to pick from on each page, we may go ahead and use this for the next school year as well. :)


Love the prompts. They will help get your brain working so you can get more writing done.


I'm trying to get back into writing and as you know that's never easy. This book is really fun and really offers a diverse number of topics and combinations to exercise your mind. I appreciate the help and I really like this book. I bought the other one as well, "The Write Brain" and I love it as well. Very off-beat topics which I like.


I've only had this book for a couple days and I am wildly in love with it!! The exercises are fun and whimsical, helping me connect with my "write" brain of creativity before I sit down and turn the pages out of my own non-fiction writing. I love the two-page concept, keeping every line a surprise! I've already recommended to all my writer's group friends!!! A must-have for anyone looking to stimulate their writing in fun, new ways!

Excellent material! I reccommed this for any educator who has to give out writing prompts.


Great book to get you off your inertia and start writing.


For anyone who truly loves to write, this is a must-have. It pushes you to your creative limits and makes you think outside the box.


This book makes me want to forget how to make dinner and sit at the dining room table and want to play journaling club. If I had come up with this idea, I would have written this book. But I didn't. First its the heavy weight paper. Good paper to write on if you wanted to write in this workbook. I don't. I will write in my cheap journal b/c I will want to re-do the writing assignments over again, and if I read what I wrote before it will taint what I might write next year. LOVE the heavy weight paper. You can always buy another copy I suppose and write in all over again. That would work too. Next is the COLOR; visual stimulating art pages. Each and every single page is a new art design. So it really speaks to the art journaler in me. Love that. Ok, Now the writing. I love the prompts and I usually hate prompts b/c they are so boring. But these are not boring. These journal prompts are in depth and draw you in (no pun intended) ok so they suck you in and keep you there. The prompts ask you to think outside of your world, not just outside the box. Then the last part of each page is called, "Taking the next step". This little box encourages you to take the prompt one more level, to do another layer of activities on this already in touch prompt. The thing I do love about this book is what it is NOT. It is not a "woe is me, I am broken, therapy, self help, touchy feely, enabler- addiction, need a 12 step group" book. There are enough of those books out there. They are good for what they do. I even used those kind of books myself once upon a day. This is a great book for the writer and non writer. This is for the daily journaler and everyone that wants to be a daily journaler. This is for homeschooling moms and teachers in the public school system. This is a great Journalism class assignment. I can not wait to get my hands on her other book.


I have used this for myself but also to teach Teen writers. It has many prompts and excercises that makes a person stop and think in a totally differant way. I use it in my writing groups to inspire others when they have writers block. I recommend it to anyone.


This is my go to book whether creating prompts for my Creative Writing Class at the City Jail or for an afternoon with my Writing Group . More often than not I randomly open the book and do the exercise I open to.


The diversity and artistic image for each page in this workbook jumpstarted my creativity as I sat down to write. While these unique writing prompts are necessarily starts to stories I may develop, they do something even more important, they expand my comfort zone by helping me step out of the box and write about new ideas from new angles. I look forward to opening this workbook and finding a new, fun writing prompt that leaves me feeling inspired to write.


I am a non-fiction writer and editor, and my work is directed by client needs. The opportunities for creativity aren't abundant, so I wasn't sure this was the right book for me. But it has turned out to be the best tool I've found in a long time. My work keeps me very much 'in my head', doing too much thinking, and the way the prompts wake up the right side of my brain has given quite a spark not just to my work but to my life in general. I find myself more observant and more engaged in what's going on around me. I also love paging through this fanciful volume. Like many other reviewers, I found it hard to write in it - partly because of the design and partly because I just didn't want to mess up this pretty book. So my gig is, each weekday morning before I start working, I set a timer for 15 minutes and do one of the exercises on the computer, stopping when the timer dings. The very first assignment gave me an idea for a children's story, so The Write-Brain Workbook is already managing to suppress my left brain a bit. It's not just about liberating your writing but liberating your thinking. I think it would make a great gift not only for writers but for anyone who needs a pick-me-up. A great find - thank you Bonnie Neubauer!


I have lots of prompt books, and this is one of the best. Very unique, interesting prompts. I enjoy going through it when I'm out of ideas.


This is a great book if you tend to get writer's block. So many cool ideas to write about and it keeps you in because of all the fabulous pictures that go with each writing course. I recommend this to any writer or anyone that just wants to have fun just writing. Please get this fun book. 


This book came handy at the right time. The "guided" yet free choice of topics and prompts gives me some bits and pieces of ideas that I can pick and take off writing. Sometimes it's a paragraph, while other times can be few pages.


This book has been wonderful in creating a writing practice that can open up students' desire to just let themselves write. I have loved it since the day I found it. I also shared it with another teacher and she has seen vast improvement in her students' writing, also. I love this book, for it is an easy way to allow yourself to tap into your inner writer.


I purchased this book when it was first released, and attended a book signing at a local book store. Not only is the book an incredible tool for any writer, but, Bonnie Neubauer is a sheer delight on a one-on-one basis, as well. She brought us through a number of the prompts in her book, and introduced us all to her Story Spinner. I still use both religiously. It was with the combination of three Story Spinner prompts that I wrote my novel. I highly endorse anything from the mind of Ms. Neubauer, as her creativity and love for writing is endless!


I confess that I don't use it every day but I love it when I do. 


This book is so, so much fun. Each page is colorful and creatively designed. Every page is for a new day with a new writing task to get the creative juices flowing. It is a must for those who think they cannot write because if you think you can write, then you can. Kuds to Ms Neubauer for creating this workbook for those without the set-confidence to begin.


A great series of writing exercises to help you learn to write increasingly, skillfully. Educational and enjoyable too.


When your stuck or just need to pound the keys, as a writer, it provides very nice motivation, idea exercise, keeps one writing when the main project has grown into a weighted task, ie. editing. It's not distracted, rather it gets the juices flowing. Sort of clearing a log jam.


This was worth every dime, nothing else compares to this book that I have found and I have numerous apps, other books, 2 college-level creative writing courses, and even websites. This book is for the dedicated writer, and you may need to have some writing experience to enjoy it. The book does challenge you to step outside of your favorite or preferred genre, but this is no waste of time. This book will help you begin, grow, or master areas of writing that help you become a better writing and if you are planning to write for money, the time and money spent on this book, will give you ideas, and experience in many forms of writing. 


So many different kind of exercises to really help any kind of writer get their creative juices flowing! I've enjoyed so many of these exercises and many of them have grown into bigger projects. A fun and easy way to get away from that writer's block!


Thanks a lot for the writing workshop. It was the best writing experience I have ever had in my life! I really liked the exercise where you made a word and used it in a story and ended the story with the last words of a famous person. That was spectacular! 


My two friends who also went to the Conference are now swearing they are going to take your workshop next year. One said, "That's twice now that you've had such a good time in her workshop. Why don't I learn to check that box too?!" At any rate, I enjoy your workshops and besides the fun, I do learn a lot as well. 


Love your book! I bought this via Writer's Digest and each night after work I do a 10 minute short story… and I love it. The book certainly helps to get the old creative juices flowing. I put a review concerning this book online.


I am a senior in high school. My Aunt gave me your book for Christmas. Since then it has been 91 days, I haven't missed a single prompt. Now I am absolutely, beyond a doubt, positive that I want to be a writer. I am at a very hectic time in my life as I begin to plan my future, and it has been refreshing to have something consistent that I can go to everyday to partake in something I love. Many people in our society don't generally receive thanks for their work. So thank you, and everyone that helped you, for giving me a truly inspirational and genuinely influential piece of work. It has been so amazing to have these prompts channel my creativity every day, and above all else it has expanded my horizons as a writer and made me excited about my future in writing. It has been a wonderful experience that has pushed my limits. Which is after all what life is about, pushing our limits. Thank you again. 


In the past few days, my daughter has been stealing away, in her room, under her bed, and I have caught her..... writing! I just wanted to thank you for volunteering your time, taking the time to talk with us afterwards, and encouraging a young writer in a way that a mother cannot. I get a lot of, "Well, of course you think it's good, you're my mother". Also, my favorite, "You have to like it, you're my mother". Seeing her renewed interest in writing is so encouraging. Especially since young iconoclastic writers, like my daughter, do not receive encouragement through school. It has to come from elsewhere. 


People commented after you left how much they really enjoyed the workshop. I know I did. It was fast-paced and fun, and got us all writing which is great! I'm sure our Club members will use the handout exercises (and your book) for inspiration and fun with their writing. 


It was just delightful to spend time with you and to learn so much in a short time and to have so much fun doing it. I found it fascinating to observe how differently we all handled our writing exercises. If laughter is the best medicine, we are all in a state of excellent health! I can't thank you enough for your time, energy and ingenuity. This was a very special week in my life and getting to know our small group was a special blessing. 


Thanks for helping to get the momentum flowing again. I thoroughly enjoyed your class. Thanks for the laughter as well. It's good when you can laugh at yourself. It helps to take the weight off. 


Thank you for your book. I've been in a slump for about a year now and I thought all hope was lost, but then I found your book and I tried my first exercise yesterday. Now I have 5 pages of a random story. Thank you for helping me get out of my year long block. 


I am in love with your book. I have had fun working in it by myself and I have had fun working in it with my boys (5 and 10). Thanks. 


I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book. I have personally used it and after I had my literature and writing class do one exercise, my daughter hijacked my copy and will not share. She thinks it's fantastic too. She's a wonderful writer - 15 yrs. old. This is definitely one of the most unusual exercise books that I've encountered and I've seen quite a few because I like to have lots of inspirational material on hand for my students. I am so glad that you put this book together. Thanks! 


I have had writers block my whole life! I want to write so bad. You inspired me this weekend! 


Thanks again for the terrific workshop you gave at the Conference this weekend. It may be the best creativity workshop I've ever attended. 


I just wanted to say that I have a creative writing professor who had me pick up your book last semester, and I love it. It is colorful and fun; and when I need that extra kick, it gives it to me. You are fabulous! Thank you for being a creative genius!!! 


I picked up your book a few days ago and I am really enjoying it. I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and if I can't do something really well, then I don't want to do it at all, so starting big tasks has always been really hard for me. But your book is really awesome cause it just allows you to start small.


When it's broken down one page at a time, strengthening my writing skills seems like a lot less daunting of a task. So I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I'm really enjoying it so far and to thank you for creating a book like this to really help people to get over their fears of writing and to just do it little by little. 


I took your workshop last year and loved it. My, how it thoroughly stifled that little twerp editor on my shoulder! I've used your book off and on throughout the year to keep me going but there is nothing like your leadership and a like-minded band of merry would-be writers to stoke the creative fires. 


I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve owned your book for 2 years, but just cracked it open this week! I’ve started doing the “Artist’s Way” and your book jumped into my hands as the perfect companion to juice things up! What a beautiful (and fun) book, and I just wanted to write and say thank you. 


I am an 8th grade English teacher and I started using your Spinner last year and the kids loved it. I am going to start using it again with my kids tomorrow. The thing I like is when the students read their story and it is completely different than anyone in the class! Thanks a lot for your creativity. 


About a year and a half ago I bought your book and fell in love with it. I tell all my writer friends they need to own it. I even linked to it on my website. Thanks for your hard work. 


I am a writer who has published a few stories, but I know I am capable of so much more, if only I could get out of my own way. Today, I picked up a copy of your book. First of all, my copy happens to be autographed, so I feel like you have given me a personal message--"Write on!" But the best part is the boxes on each page that help writers to realize that we ALL struggle with confidence, procrastination, lack of time, distractions, etc. Whenever I am feeling uninspired, I will take out your book and remind myself that there are no excuses. Thank you. 


I just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes and mind. I'm dyslexic and have always been told I can't write or read. I started a blog to post my stories from your book. Thanks and God bless! 


Just wanted to say thanks for making lunch much more productive. I have an hour-long lunch and nowhere good to escape to, so I would just sit and mess around online. Until I found your Story Spinner. Now I give it a spin after I eat each day and see where it takes me. I have been wanting to get back into writing, but am always stuck for ideas. This is a fantastic tool and I have recommended it to anyone I know with a creative (and some not so creative) brain in their body!! 


Hi, I just recently bought a copy of your book, and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using it. It is so much fun using the creative writing prompts every day for my free writing. I have another book with creative writing prompts, but your book is my favorite. 


Thank you for helping me get on board with writing. It wasn't a coincidence that I found your web page the other night. I absolutely love it. I currently teach English as a second language to Latino students and have found many tips and ideas in your web pages that are going to help them develop their writing skills. 


Thank you. My 11 year old has was given your book for a birthday gift last year and has worked halfway through it. He takes it everywhere. I'm getting the Spinner now for his next birthday. He loves to write and is hoping to go to a High School for creative writing. 


Talk about a stimulus package. Your books and workshops are just right to get the stalled writer rolling and the motivated writer moving in new directions. 


Hi! I just had to tell you that your book is my new favorite thing. I picked it up yesterday and I'm loving it! It's great to know I have something to look forward to every day for the next year. It's brilliant, and I thank you. 


You are so creative - and generous with your talent. You warm my heart and make me smile. Thank you. 


I'm 19 from Indonesia. I just found out that my dad bought your book for my mom's birthday. I opened it and I'm inspired to improve my English with this book! FYI: My dad passed away in June 2006 and luckily he bought this book for my mom's birthday on April 2006. Thank God that he bought this book before he died. 


I recently purchased your book and I love it!! I am a high school English teacher and will incorporate some of your ideas into my classroom journaling routine. 


Your book is a fantastic tool. I have been keeping it on my desk to jump-start my day. The book really is a fun, instant way to jigger the creative brain. 

I am a life-long journaler and the team leader for a journal writing group. I wanted to share with you that I've chosen your book for my group. Each member is buying their own copy. Please let me know if you are ever in this area. We'd love to meet you in person. 


I am a huge fan. I've been using your exercises with my creative writing classes for a couple years now. Every single one brims with creativity and allow students to experiment freely with their voice. I am writing to see if you would be interested in coming to speak to my creative writing classes. I know that it would be a valuable experience for my students to learn more about the writing process and fostering creativity. 


After Day 2 of your book, I went to visit your site to find contact information and then tripped over your Story Spinner. Oh my, Bonnie, the blessings you are going to reap for coming up with that idea. Incredible! So, I spun it and after the first 10-minute exercise....I ended up writing more than 1,000 words on that story line alone. 

This book is great to get the ink flowing. Yes, they're silly writing exercises, but when used as a catalyst they can be really helpful, and it's always fun anyway.


Thank you, kindly, for putting together these ingenious exercises. I already feel joy again about writing. Your workbook makes the process fun!

I think I'm going to have to take a break! I'm only on page 19, and I have laughed myself silly!!! (Or am I "kept in stitches?") Thanks! Worth every penny!!!!!

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