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-Personalized Funerals & Memorials

-Eulogy Writing

-Death Anniversaries / Life Celebrations

 -Pet Loss Ceremonies

-Divorce  Commemorations

Creative Approaches to Grief and Loss
That Let You Discover Your  Own 
Resiliency and Make Meaning of Life
- Group, Workshops, Family, One-on-One  

-Designer of Tabletop Board & Card Games
-Leader of  Golden Gamers,
Board Gaming Events For Senior Citizens
at Libraries and Senior Centers


Thank you for visiting!
My hope is that this site reflects the the happiness I feel when I share my passions and help others. Another wish is that you to get a sense of the hope and connection my clients feel as we work together.  

If you have a question or would like to connect, please use the contact page
or send an email directly to
I look forward to chatting.   

-Author of  Creative Writing Prompt Books
-Facilitator of Fun Writing Workshops
For All Levels and Ages
-Designer of Story Spinner
-Motivational Speaker 

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